Mia / January 2019

“You have been the easiest person to speak to mainly because I know you are really listening. Currently, I am going through a time of not trusting anyone but I feel I can trust you. Somehow you manage to empathise with me. I feel supported by you and encouraged to make small changes which I know will have a big impact on my life.

You have a great gift, Suzie. You have helped me to put down my thoughts on paper and this helps so much and I can now understand a little of who I am and what I have been through. I have also gained confidence just knowing that someone believes in me.

I would come to you with any challenge of any kind you seem to have a gift and can understand all situations. I am always looking forward to the next session and to sharing my heart and I discover what’s going on deep in my heart. have already been recommending you with honours to people I come across.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.”

Jacqui / January 2019

“I’m so glad I took the step to start doing “life coaching” with Suzie, it has been a wonderful experience so far and I am looking forward to the future. She is so easy to talk to! She is interested in my situation and in finding ways of me making the best decisions. And in concrete ways that I can put in to practice as well as being able to talk about the things that have held me back. I know that working together with her is going to help me focus on finding the best way to live my best life. I am excited about the future for the first time in a long time.

Thank you, Suzie.”


Linda / December 2018

“Suzie helped me find ways which have made it easy to fulfil my goals. I have found her easy to talk to and extremely professional. Apart from feeling a lot better in myself, the amount of people who have commented on the sparkle I now have and the fact that I look amazing, has made me feel much better. It has been such an encouragement to me. I find that I can recommend her as a very helpful, positive & compassionate person. “


Geoff / December 2018

“I have found Suzie has been constructive, professional & easy to talk to. She puts seeds in your head so that you know what route to take. She interpreted my situation extremely well. I like the way she opens doors and gives me the opportunity to walk through; before they were firmly shut. I feel much better about myself now and everyone comments on the way I look. I am totally convinced Suzie ‘s constructive words are building me a solid foundation for a healthier and more extensive lifestyle in the future.”