About Me

I love sunrises and sunsets! Walking along the beach in Marbella or Malaga is my happy place. Is that because I was born on a beautiful island with vivid sunsets? Yes!

I have now lived in Spain on the Costa del Sol, for the past 18 years, but do have very close links with the UK especially Southampton.

I am happily married & have the gift of 2 amazing daughters who live in the Southampton area. We adopted one of our daughters while living in Hong- Kong and that’s another story I am happy to share with you at another time.

I became very ill and after many tests, the medical world could do no more. For more than 5 years I was unable to function and had to be pushed in a wheelchair during a family holiday. However, I am fit and well today, largely due to a “conversation” with a group of ladies who listened to my story and gave me an incredible sense of hope when I was at a very low place. Again another story I will happily share if you’d like to hear more. However, I am more interested in hearing your story, your current situation and why you feel you’d benefit from life coaching. I am here to support you on your journey. Contact me to find out more about transformational life coaching.


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