What is Life Coaching/ Transformational Life Coaching and how can it help me?

■ Are you feeling confused and need life balance?

■ Are you at a crossroads in your career?

■ Are you anxious about the future and need help with confidence or self-belief?

■ Do you need to begin a health and wellness journey?

■ Could you benefit from some support with your current situation?



Career Clarity

Feeling stuck where you are? Need a change? Do you know where your talents lie? Have you thought about the numbers needed for you to afford the lifestyle changes you’d like? As a career coach, I can help you be the change you want to be!

Life Balance

In need of a better routine? Make time for those important things in your life? Maybe feeling that your life currently is exhausting? Add dimension to your life such as family time, health, fitness, sport, travel, the arts, etc…? As a life balance coach, I can help you make better choices and transform your lifestyle.

Confidence & Self-belief

Lacking in confidence could be about preparing for an event such as an interview, a public speech, or it could be that your current situation has taken away all your self-esteem. As a confidence coach, I can help you to feel empowered and motivated to live the life you dreamed of.

Health and Wellness

Time to address those health and wellness issues? Not just physically but a healthy mind and wellness of the soul can also be looked into. Need to eat better? Quit smoking? Manage your stress levels? As a health and wellness coach I can help you develop the abilities and strengths you will need to achieve your goals.

Personal Development

We never stop developing. But in what way is this process shaping your life? Are you maximising your potential? If you would like to make better choices, have a higher quality of life and enhance your future I can help you as a personal life coach. Transform your vision of the future you.

Call me today for your free Discovery Session to see how I can assist you on your journey.

We start with a conversation to discuss your situation and agree on our coaching relationship. If you are local to me, Marbella Spain or Southampton UK, I’d welcome the opportunity to meet and have a chat over coffee.

I offer to coach over the WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom or in person. Sessions typically last around an hour.

UK +44 7704 594 634

SPAIN +34 685 25 76 02



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